Our Story

The Morgan CODA story

Morgan CODA is a unique team of clothiers, creative designers, business leaders and technology experts who combine our decades of experience to bring you the highest quality and most well-made custom clothes you can find online.

The company itself is young, but the relationships that brought us together are decades old. Our founders have gone to school together, served in the military together, built companies together, travelled extensively together, and have been long time colleagues and clients of each other. So, when we decided to build a company, the team fit together, well, like a custom suit.
Our chairman Tom Morgan is a successful entrepreneur who has been a CEO and board member for numerous companies over the past decades. Impressive as he is in business, even more impressive is his love of clothes. Tom loves clothes.  Loves them. His sense of style is legendary and makes him always the sharpest and most distinctively dressed man in any room. 
Louie and Walter Morgan (no relation to Tom), bring literally generations of clothing experience to Morgan CODA. The father and son team trace their clothing roots to Savannah, where Walter's great grandmother owned a custom clothing business in the 1930's. Fast forward to Walter joining his father after college as Louie entered his fourth decade as a successful custom men's clothier. Nick Steele, a successful technology entrepreneur and client of Louie’s since 2000, has founded and led several successful companies, including one with Tom Morgan. Ted Russ, Army buddy and business partner of Nick’s, brings an MBA and experience in numerous startups and complex operational roles. Ted worked with Louie and Walter to capture their decades of knowledge and encode it into a scalable set of proprietary fitting algorithms that guarantee every customer gets the perfect fit, no matter their styling preference. And finally, Tom Bledsoe pulls it all together with an overarching design expertise and creative vision that was honed over two decades in the fashion and apparel world, from New York to LA.
Coda is a musical term meaning conclusion, or completion, which seems like a fitting way to end this brief history. Further, it is eponymous to the goal of our business, which is to provide you with a high-end online resource for great fitting, great looking, perfectly made clothes from a label that you can trust.
Tom Morgan wouldn’t have it any other way.